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Now more than ever, accurate and professional estimating makes or break construction companies. The increased use of digital tools across the construction industry and in all phases from design through to field execution presents huge opportunities, but also increases the complexity of data that needs to be considering in estimating.

A truthful estimate often needs inputs from lots of sources including 3D models, 2D drawings, manual inputs not to mention accurate and up to date cost data, understanding margins, schedules etc.

How are you estimating?

Estimating software has the capability of automating the time-consuming task of quantifying and applying costs, allowing estimators to focus on higher value factors, such as identifying construction options and factoring risks as well as provide insights on how to stay ahead during the construction with time and money.

In fact, construction cost estimating software has become so crucial these days that companies that aren’t switching to new technologies and solutions, are no longer staying competitive.

But sometimes it feels like the need for technology to solve problems is such that hardly do companies think about whether the software will adapt to their existing workflows and will work for them before making a huge investment.

Have you tried estimating software?

There are many options to consider on the market today to find the right one for you, whether large or small, complex or simple projects. It is important that you find something that adapts to the way you work instead of forcing you to change your entire process. At the same time, it should be adaptable, and flexible so it can continue to support you as your company, your jobs and your role evolves.

One of the platforms we have recently looked into is certainly worth exploring – Sigma Estimates.

It is one of the most industry-connected, affordable and easy to use platform we have seen in 2019. It has been designed and developed by senior estimators with a lifetime of experience in the industry. Below are a few highlights from our recent review;

Combining spreadsheet familiarity with advanced database driven functionality

Even though estimating is changing fast, the industry is still heavily dependent on spreadsheets and Sigma has been developed keeping that in mind. This means you are not learning a new way of estimating but you are using a tool with a familiar user interface to help you do more stuff, do better and in less time.

Fast and eliminates the constant  manual data entry

Dragging and dropping is built into this software at nearly every turn. If you’re still estimating with spreadsheets you won’t believe how dragging and dropping will speed up your work and keep things accurate.

Sigma also makes it easy for you to take advantage of all the work you might have already invested in a spreadsheet estimating system. The company assists you in mapping your previous work, so it can be accurately imported to Sigma.

Accurate cost data at your fingertips

Sigma makes it easy to build your own cost databases and libraries from previous experience, historical costs or your local suppliers, which will speed up your process and give you more accuracy.

Furthermore, Sigma’s open API and integrations with the world's leading cost books like BNI and RSMeans, takeoff tools and state of the art software packages makes it the key to connect your estimating to the present state of the art.

Sigma is the low risk choice - no upfront investment, no long contracts. Get-in and use it and if you don't like it, you haven't lost much.

Subscription to Sigma starts at $49/month which includes setup, implementation, all software updates, resources and customer support. Software comes in three versions, personal, professional and enterprise and you can pay by the month, or by the year. And when you call customer service, you’ll be talking to someone with 35 years of experience estimating in North America.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can download a free trial on their website here - Take a 14-day free trial.

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