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Easily Get Accurate Residential and Commercial Cost Estimates

Calculate in Imperial or Metric

Get Up And Running in No Time Flat

Manage Your Projects from Initial Contact through Completion

Save Time and Control Your Cash Flow

Runs on the PC and MAC desktop

Runs from the Virtual Private Networks (VPN) on PC, MAC or Tablet anywhere


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Takeoff in a fraction of the time with PlanSwift software click, drop, and estimate functionality.

Manage projects large and small with accurate and timely calculations.

Easily adjust cost projections, simply change product cost and recalculate!

Bid more jobs, manage more efficiently and grow your business with PlanSwift takeoff and estimating software.



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Design Cost Data is the cost estimating magazine for design and construction, and is the largest provider of historical construction cost for the purpose of preliminary cost estimating and cost modeling in America.

Established in 1958, DCD is unique among publications servicing the construction marketplace as architects, specifiers, builders, and developers use DCD and the actual construction costs it publishes as benchmarks for preliminary cost estimating.