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Ignited Minds - Unearthing the Power of Estimators and Estimating Software Solutions

Do you often feel the squeeze of shrinking profit margins?

Do you lack confidence in the accuracy of your estimates?

Have you been trying different estimating tools and have almost given up on finding the right one that meets your specific needs?

And, do you still use spreadsheets?

If answers to any of the above questions is a “Yes, I do!”, WE NEED YOU.......!

Join us for an exclusive evening with estimators and thought leaders in construction estimating in the Kansas city area to discuss estimating technology and its potential for taking the construction industry - and the estimating role in particular - to a new level. This is an INVITE ONLY event for only 20 estimators who are both eager to learn and willing to contribute.

Who we are?

Sigma Estimates is the #1 leading software for construction cost estimation in Europe and growing fast in US and Canada. Our latest generation of software is built to support estimating professionals who want to accelerate their product delivery - from early stages of development all the way to closeout and handover of projects of any size.

As part of an industry that is constantly under pressure, our primary objective is to EVOLVE by continually improving our software in the construction industry; for the benefit of developers, project managers, architects, consultants, contractors and subcontractors and what better platform than ASPE to accomplish that?

Why do we need you?

You are the experts and, the best people to tell us what’s working and what’s not. We'll give you a power demo of our leading edge estimating technology and will expect you to be as candid as you can to help us identify potential areas of improvements.

Wondering what’s in it for you?

Well, here’s what you get -

  • Opportunity to network with the most relevant connections in your industry

  • Learn from the experiences of like-minded professionals and of course, from us - we have over 15 yrs. of experience working with small and large construction companies, remain focused on consolidating our market-leading position and are growing fast!

  • Get Sigma for free for 1 year

  • You will be our go to personnel for usability and beta testing

  • Access to free templates and tools (exclusively from our research labs)

Food, drinks and great company will surely keep everyone’s spirits high!